To book a car in Chakaride, visit chakaride.com and click on Booking. Choose your preferred location (inside Dhaka, outside Dhaka, Airport booking, and daily basis), and then select your preferred car. After that choose pickup location, date, time and hit the book now buttons, and your car will be booked. 

You cannot cancel a ride. But if you insist, you may contact the helpline. 

You cannot cancel a ride. Therefore before booking a ride, think twice. 

You cannot change ride type during an active ride. If you need to change ride badly, then rehire another vehicle.

To make contact with the company executive just dial 09611731096 or 01735409404, or 01835461646 or send a mail to [email protected].

From starting point to 50KM, as like Savar, Keranigonj, Dohar, Munshigonj, Narayanganj, etc.

You can ride a maximum of 80KM. If you want to go beyond that limit you have to make a deal with the driver. For example, 10 tk per KM in a regular car, 12 tk per KM in Hi Ace, etc.

Yes, you will. Without a driver, you won’t be able to rent a car.

If you want to go further, your actual rent will increase.

To register yourself visit chakaride.com and click on the signup/log in button. Select register and fill up the registration form. Place a tick on the agreement and click the Register button and you will be registered.

After registering yourself in the Chakaride, you automatically become a member of it.

The helpline is open 24/7.

You can go anywhere in Bangladesh with ChakaRide. All you have to do is fill-up the form correctly.

The car might arrive at the pickup point 10-30 minutes before the journey starts.

The pickup date is your traveling date when you will be picked up and your journey will begin.

Pickup location lets the driver find your location faster. When you search and set pickup location driver gets the information of your location and finds you faster.

After selecting your preferred car you set your destination. And this process starts with searching for your pickup location. You set the location from you to want to be picked up.

Dropoff location is the location where you want to get off. And before starting the journey you search dropoff location and set it.

One person can earn direct commission by referring to others. To refer one

Ex: 01735409404 If using Nagad use N, If using bkash use B, If using Dutch Bangla bank use D. 

Ex: 01735409404 B

If you need anything additional that is not mentioned, you can tell it in additional information.

Not possible. You have to cancel the ride and book again.

Not possible. You have to cancel the ride and book again.

First, rent a car and complete the renting process. Afterward, repeat the process again and in this way, you will be able to rent two cars.

A coupon code is a special code that is used to get a special discount on the ride. If you have a code just apply it before confirming the ride.

Upon registering all of your profile data is collected. If you wish to update your profile, click on my account and then update as you wish.

You can check your booking details after login in to your profile.

To make a payment you can use any payment processor like bkash, nagad, DBBL or you can pay us cash at our office.

After login into your profile, you will be able to check booking details under the booking tab.

You can travel only inside Dhaka. You cannot go beyond Uttara, Gabtoli, Posto gola, Kachpur, etc.

You can rent a bike similar to a car. Just go to the booking tab and rent a motorbike.

Yes. We provide cars of various models.

We offer you car, bike, CNG, and luxury car services. You can take any of these rides and travel to your destination.

Inside Dhaka means under 50KM from the center of Dhaka. For example, you cannot go beyond Savar, Narayanganj, Nawabpur, Mushiganj, Keraniganj, Dohar, etc.

Outside Dhaka means beyond 50KM any place. For example, it can be Rajshahi, Chittagong, etc.

There are various models of cars available in our garage. You pick any of these cars from our website.

The time you want to be picked up and start your journey is called pick-up time.

After completing a ride you will be provided with a link. Visit the link and there you will be able to provide a review.

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Professional drivers are experienced and license-holding drivers who don’t make any mistake that easily.

You can rent CNG as like renting a car.

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Our business hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Don’t worry, our drivers are experienced. He will manage everything, if anything goes wrong you can call our hotline.

We try to provide maximum safety to our clients.

If you like to rent more cars or change the model of the car, you have to use the update cart button.

Please provide your pickup location or the location that you will use frequently for pickup

You can call us on any of these numbers 01735409404, 01835461646, 09611731096. Or if you wish you can send us a mail at this address [email protected].