We have started Rent a car business in 2009, we know your needs and how to fulfill those. Since then we are serving you with the best cars, comfort, and flexible options. For serving you better we have opted to come to the eCommerce sector. Now you won’t have to contact us physically for renting a car. You will be able to take our service online, while you are chilling in your home. All of your renting problems will be solved with our online service. In our garage, there are more than 100 microbus and 200 private cars. All of these cars are comfortable and work perfectly. We always work hard with honesty so that we can win your trust. Because we value trust more than money. Like other renting companies, you don’t have to worry about the price of the fair. We have already kept the price at a minimum level and drivers or anyone won’t be able to ask for an unfair price. You get to go to your destination at the best price with us. All of our drivers are very much experienced and get training from us. In Sha Allah, you won’t face any problems in your journey. If you face any trouble, hit the support. They will help you to solve your problem. We plan to work and serve you better not for a day but forever.

Owner's speech

Assalamualaikum, I haven’t started this business for me alone, in fact, I have started it for all of you. So that everyone can take benefit from it and reach their destination happily, safely. I always try to work hard with my coworkers so that you get the best service. In this online renting platform we have already set everything in the way you want. From now on you will be able to choose your suitable car at the cheapest price. Besides we have kept a login system so that we can know our trusted users and serve them in a better way with discount coupons. I wish you all to have a safe journey so that you can reach your loved ones without any trouble. For providing you support we have our support team ready 24/7, just give a knock or call our hotline. A person will instantly give you support to solve your problem. Hope you will love our service and stay with us.